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‘The Dance Therapy is a way of re-appropriation of the body language through creative stimuli that promote the reunification of the movement with the unique and living "feeling" of every human being.
The method of María Fux is based on the possibility of a change that enables to get out and gradually abandon rigidity, fear, instability, regardless of the psychological, physical and social status of each person.
The human body is naturally predisposed to movement.
The skin, the muscles, and the bone structure are a constant invitation to the Dance, meaning the ability of deep expression, communication and relationship.
When you move away from yourself and you enter the misty fields of "do not feel" – as a result of disease, trauma, depression or loss of interest in what surrounds –  the Dance Therapy – which is also a movement of affirmation and recovery of your own identity – can traced back to the dimension of pleasure, balance and creation.
This practice does not replace medical or psychological assistance, but it gives them support covering paths related to affectivity, feeling and emotions.
In this years spent to understand and learn this language I was able to pass through geographical locations, different ages and different human status depending on their cultural, physical and social conditions.
I have been trying to figuring out what it is the common root that connects any human being to his/her ability to look beyond the external and internal barriers of any kind.
This is certainly an endless journey, but I feel that the common secret desire of every human being of every place on earth is to return to the house of Love. The Dance Therapy indicates a direction.
What guides me through this path is having seen several human beings breathing in the Dance after long, sometimes endless, apneas.
To you, whose name is Joanna, Mary, Antonia, Ramesh, Nirmala, I dedicate the meaning of my research.
One morning, when you were in that room of a hospital for a stroke, after two years of semi-paralysis and wheelchair, you stood up and said:
"I remember that I am alive."
I keep dancing thanks to you and to those that, as you did, are capable to meet their own "Yes".
And, thus, when I am dancing I am alive.’

Pio Campo


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